A loving Heart is the truest wisdom...Charles Dickens

We are molded by our thoughts.

Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thought give joy when they speak and act---Buddha

What magnificent Autumn weather! Today I am planning to luxuriate in the garden, doing those end of summer things and enjoying the birdsong, the side excursions into the labyrinths and watching the skinks skitter in the leaf litter. I feel blessed that I am skilled in mindfulness and can notice enjoy the smallest of beautiful things amidst the growing concern in our community about the Corona Virus.I can still sit quietly and wonder at the magnificence of life. I can still relax and meditate and connect with that well of peace within that sustains me, nourishes me and keeps me healthy.

Sadly, but in the interests of community health at this time, we have decided to STOP ALL MEDITATION GROUPS UNTIL THE END OF APRIL .

(That includes our proposed meeting at my place next Tuesday)

This does NOT mean you need to stop meditating! If you have been a regular at the groups I would encourage you to still sit at 10am Tuesday or 7.30pm Thursday and we will meditate together from the comfort of our own homes. It is possible and beneficial to link in in this way...are you up for it ?

This is also a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your home meditation and mindfulness practices. Daily meditation is so very valuable for quietening the mind, bringing your system back to calmness, improving immune function and general health. Mindfulness helps us to be aware of the beauty in life and to notice the quality of our thoughts and feelings. It allows us to say still amongst the turbulent energies of this time. It keys us into noticing when we need to take a breath and relax!

If you would like to use a great process for stress relief called "tapping" or EFT you can download a free App with guided 10 min tapping meditations from

The Tapping Solution https://thetappingsolution.app.link/GetTTSApp .

Its easy and effective with a number of free sessions including some on managing Corona Virus stress. Call me on 0419562790 if you have any questions after using it .

We are living in challenging times with world uncertainty and nervousness about the COVID-19 . I believe it is important to work together to keep each other

and our communities safe by keeping informed from reputable sources such as

Department of Health Coronavirus(COVID-19) Health Alert

Coronacast with Norman Swan (ABC Listen)

PLEASE be careful about spreading questionable info which is floating around our conversations and social media at the moment .

A great way to screen our shares is ...is it uplifting? Is it helpful? is it optimistic? Do I feel OK when I read or hear this ?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, go for it . Otherwise , take a breath , relax and move on!

How exciting that we all have more opportunity to spend time in our home spaces. What are you going to do ? How will you keep yourself socially connected?

What gorgeous things can you do to improve your health and happiness ? For me its more oil painting, gardening, decluttering, walking the dog, jigsaws,

writing, reading and calls and emails to friends and to you , my extended Things of Spirit family.

Life is like a garden. Quite naturally , leaves and flowers fade.

Only if we clear the decay of the past then and there can we really enjoy the beauty of the new leaves and flowers

.--Mata Amritanandamayi

Love and blessings,


March 2020

Dr Lisa Shortridge


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Labyrinth walks, Sound Healing.


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