Though no one can go back

and make a brand new start,

Anyone can start now

and make a brand new ending.

                                                                          Carl Bard

Classes with Dr Lisa Shortridge


Meditation is exercise and training for our minds, just as going to the gym is training for our bodies. In these busy times it is essential that we learn to quieten our minds so we may stop and rest deeply.Regular meditation promotes deep inner feelings of peace and relaxation and mindfulness processes allow us to learn more about ourselves.

Regular practice of meditation is known to reverse the physiological response to stress and results in better sleep, improved memory, relief of pain, more energy, a stronger immune system and a general feeling of wellbeing.

"It is predicted that by the year 2030 depression will be a bigger burden on the health care system than heart disease" (Dr Craig Hassed , Monash Medical School)

 Group Meditation:$10 

Thursdays at 7.30-8.30pm each week at Shepparton Osteo Clinic Yoga room 103 Nixon St

Tuesdays at Chapel on Maude 10-11am: 160 Maude St 

These groups include some instruction, mindful movements and a 30-40 minute guided meditation by Lisa, Roger or Jill Meditation is a skill we need to develop and practice. Initially it is easier in a group until we gain the confidence to take it home. In time we gain the amazing health benefits of meditating daily. Suitable for both beginner and experienced meditators. Come when you can, no need to book. 

Meditation for Beginners $60

This three hour class gives you the basics of meditation and mindfulness. You will learn about different types of meditation and the well researched benefits. Most importantly you will get to experience meditation as you are guided through various techniques.

This class is great for beginners and also those who want to refresh their meditation practice.

Sounds Good! $25

A two hour sound healing experience with the Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and meditation to soothe the soul. There is nothing to do but relax and enjoy!

A great way to relax and refresh after a busy week.

Energy Clearing Workshop $35.

Are you and Empath? Are you sensitive to energy from others?

Are you stressed, do you get anxious easily? Would you like to learn ways of staying in your own space and to be able to relax with others?

A two to three hour workshop that teaches you about the unseen world of energy, how to feel your own energy, to protect yourself and begin to enjoy your sensitivity in a whole new way.  

Comments from participants of our courses

Meditation classes:

" The teaching was clear and informative in an easy non-threatening environment"

"I enjoyed the small group, and the feedback from others. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us "

"Learnt heaps about meditation and about better ways to live.

Fantastic day, thank-you!"