Things of Spirit - Supporting each other to reach the light

A loving Heart is the truest wisdom...Charles Dickens

Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart..Kahlil Gibran

What a wonderful time of year. The days are lengthening, the gardens are beautiful and its so nice to be outside. In tune with the weather I am holding more labyrinth walks. The first are at Seven Creeks estate and the next walks are this Sunday November 4th, and Sunday Dec 2nd at 4-5pm.These are free events through getmooving@greatershepparton
Its a possibility we could develop another permanent labyrinth there so please come and join me to help build the energy.Labyrinths "activate: when they are walked and bring a subtle and beautiful energy to an area.

 I will do the same in TATURA early next year, offering that community free access to information and the experience of labyrinth walking.
As we walk a labyrinth we become part of a beautiful process of healing not unlike seated meditation. Walking time and again can help us become more centered, less stressed, more creative and more comfortable in our own skin.We must be mindful and connected to the things around us, our feet on the ground, the breath as it comes and goes 
and the sounds that surround us. In the coming into this moment healing occurs. 

  Is there any wonder I am on a mission to see more public labyrinths in our region! 

Meditating with the Crystal Singing Bowls is another way of allowing yourself to enter into the healing zone. Sound therapy is gaining recognition world wide for its wide range of benefits. Come and join me on THURSDAY November 8th and THURSDAY  December 6th at.  7.30pm-8.45 pm at 9A Edward St Shepparton. 

Love and blessings, 

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