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A loving Heart is the truest wisdom...Charles Dickens

 The Soul usually knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. 

Did you see the fog this morning..everything covered in soft cotton wool. Shapes blurred and sounds muted. The labyrinths sat quietly with the triple spiral fading gently into the softness. How delightful, how special and yet I found myself resisting the cold and the damp and moving back inside to a warm cuppa and a view out the window!
I also enjoyed a  visit to the Stewart Reserve labyrinth later in the day .. a beautiful walk in the gorgeous bush setting. You will find it behind Stewart Reserve playground along the Boulevard between Knight St and Balaclava Rd .The area is green and the labyrinth calling for you to enjoy its peaceful energy. Check out Things of Spirit facebook for a video and pics.
Our Connecting with the Heart Retreat last weekend was amazing..peaceful, restful and reflective. There will be another Retreat in the Spring when the gardens at Farm 3618 will be bursting with new growth to spur us along on our journey. Will you join us ? 

There are some changes with the meditation groups at 9A Edward St  ( formerly Harmony Place.) which is now run by Rachel Ferrari of Modern Mind Solutions. 
Thursday group at 7.30 is now being facilitated by Lisa and Roger ... its lovely to be back after some time away!
 Please come and join us and continue the tradition !
 Crystal singing bowls will be offered again once a month with the next session being Thursday 23rd August.
 Mark your diaries and come along, no need to book.    

Tuesday group at 10am is facilitated by Rachel

Monday group at 6pm IS CANCELLED . The last group was this week 6/8. Please let others know so they are not left standing in the cold!! 

If you are a Monday person and cant get to the other groups then do everything you can to continue your practice at home. Remember regular meditation has so many benefits.  

To stand in compassion is to see the world through soft eyes. The mind is quiet and the heart is receptive. ---Lauren Artress

Love and blessings, 

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