Things of Spirit - Supporting each other to reach the light

A loving Heart is the truest wisdom...Charles Dickens

Teach this simple truth to all..
A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion 
are the things which renew humanity---Dalai Lama

  Change is in the air!  I am really enjoying the coolness and balmy days  that Autumn brings  and gently letting go my love of summer.
 As I walk the labyrinth it helps me move into that total connection with the moment and all the prickles, the dryness and the beauty that is there. In my practice of mindfulness I work to  see and  feel the entirety of what is being given in the moment and often wonder ( with a gentle curiosity) how much I miss ! 

My first phase of Qigong teacher training is complete and my journey now is to do my 100 hours of personal practice and reflection.
 Qigong is similar to Tai Chi and is a beautiful gentle, yet powerful, practice for good health . I feel  it is wise to enhance my own well-being so I am better able to  continue my work over many years to come.And I love feeling good !! 

There are lots of plans in the pipeline for Mindful day retreats, workshops and labyrinth trails but it may take a month or two before we begin as I draw breath and establish my Qigong practice. 

Harmony Place will be closing on May 9th and we have 6 more meditations before that day. Please come along .
This week I am bringing the Crystal Singing Bowls to each session for your enjoyment. Monday 6pm, Tuesday 10am, Thursday 7.30pm

There will be  a HARMONY PLACE FAREWELL gathering on Sunday May 6th: 10am till 12.30 pm
Free meditation from 10.15 till 11.15am  with a cuppa after. 
It is with some sadness I am finishing this phase after so many years. Harmony Place is  a beautiful space and  the relaxing, peaceful energy there
 is a result of all our group meditations and connections with each other over many years. Thank you everyone! 

The good news is the the new "holder of the space" Rachel Ferrari from Modern Mind Solutions will be continuing group meditations at the same times 
so those of you who love to meditate together can continue to do so. It will be wonderful to learn more from her.   

WORLD LABYRINTH DAY is next Saturday 5th May. There will be 2 events
1... 12.30 -3pm  at 36 Furphy Ave Kialla with Lisa Shortridge. 
Info talk at 12.30 and "Walk as One" at 1pm . We join others around the world to walk in peace and celebrate the labyrinth. 

2.... 3.30 -5pm at Farm 3618, 1165 Fennaughty Rd Merrigum with Jenni and Ian Coldwell. For the late walkers.  

For the adventurous amongst you there is an opportunity to walk 8 labyrinths over the day !!! ( if you include Ferrari Park on the way ) 
Last year over 5000 people from 20 countries  participated in WLD !

It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give when unasked, through understanding. - Kahlil Gibran
Be well, walk in peace, 

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