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A loving Heart is the truest wisdom...Charles Dickens

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
-Carl Jung

What a beautiful morning ! Lets enjoy the cool slow awakening to the day before the heat returns. Ferrari Park, Mooroopna  is beautiful early in the day
 and I invite you to join me for our CREATIVITY WALK on SUNDAY 11th  8am-9am.

free event for Activities in the Park @getmooving Greater Shepparton. 

The beautiful balancing energy of the labyrinth can assist us in connecting with our deeper intuitive flow. If we can slow down enough to
 truly enjoy, we become one with all that surrounds us and all that is within us . Walking in the freshness and quiet of the early morning enhances
 our ability to settle and tap in on the flow that allows our creativity to blossom.  
Creativity is not just about art, its about taking creative action in all areas of life from work to family to dance and music,
 to choosing the right words for a loved one in need or planning a party or holiday.
Come and let the labyrinth help you discover more of yourself  !

Margaret Rainbird was in Shepparton last week as part of her world wide labyrinth pilgrimage to walk a different labyrinth each day for a year.
 I was so lucky to have her stay with us  and very proud to show her some of  the labyrinths we have here in the Goulburn Valley.
 We did 15 labyrinth walks over 3 days, and  despite the heat,  and I feel amazing !

 Its good to remember the process that occurs while walking any labyrinth
...a beautiful clearing and letting go as we enter the labyrinth and move inwards, a re-connection and receiving while allowing ourselves to be
 still in the center and then gentle integration and resettling as we move outwards again by the same path . 
And it happens without  really having to think about it, all we need do is be mindful and open, walking gently on the earth. 

Hope to see you Sunday!
A man can not be comfortable without his own approval. 
- Mark Twain

Love and blessings, 

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